Dining at The Red Lodge

Delicious Norfolk produce

From Narford estate reared pheasants and guinea fowl to nutritious and sweet seasonal fruits and vegetables, our menu is always curated from what is seasonal and wherever possible, locally sourced.

We take cooking back to its grass roots, attending local markets and using independent suppliers, local farmers and fishmongers. It’s not just about the creation of a great dish, it is about the journey of the ingredients and the passion and skills of our chefs to create the extraordinary.

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Dining at The Red Lodge

Special Occasions

If you have a special occasion coming up and would like to do something fantastic with friends and family why not enquire about having a dinner party with us?

Choose what food you would like and our chefs will create a bespoke menu for you, together with friendly and relaxed staff who will make you and your guests feel at home, giving you a wonderful evening to remember.